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Barbeque / garden articles

Gel kindling fuel for barbecue and fireplaces

The kindling fuel is produced exclusively from natural ingredients based on alcohol. It does not change the taste of cooked food, because it doesn’t contain paraffin. It is available in plastic bottles, sealed with a secure cap.

Capacity: 0,5 dm3 and 1,0 dm3

Paraffin kindling fuel

Paraffin kindling fuel is a modern product intended to light the fire in barbecues, fireplaces, and wood or charcoal stoves. It is a high quality product of unique characteristics.

Capacity: 0,5 dm3 and 1,0 dm3

Charcoal / briquette

Charcoal is the most popular barbecue fuel. Our product is produced from the highest quality raw material derived from hard deciduous trees such as hornbeam, beech, oak, and alder. It is manufactured using modern and ecological burning methods in accordance with DIN EN 1860-2.

Unit of measure: 2,5 kg

Paraffin oil for lamps

For oil lamps. Burns with a mild, bright and non-smoking flame.

Capacity: 0,5 dm3 and 1,0 dm3

Fuel for fondue and woke

Ecological fuel. The products of combustion are carbon dioxide and water vapour. Composed on the basis of pure natural raw materials, such as ethyl alcohol, and natural thickener, occurring in a form of viscous gel. Thanks to the unique alcohol thickening formula, it perfectly fulfills its role as fuel for warming-up food on Fondue and Woke burners.

Capacity: 0,5 dm3 and 1,0 dm3

Fuel for bio fireplaces

Special liquid for use in fireplaces as an ecological source of energy. Derived from biological alcohol, it combusts completely without emitting smoke or smell. An additional advantage of the biofuel is the lack of soot and ash, that are formed in traditional fireplaces.

Capacity: 1,0 dm3 and 3,0 dm3

Torch oil

Colourless oil designed for candles, torches and lights; does not smoke and burns with a gentle flame. Due to the fact that it is based on natural raw materials, it is safe for the environment. It can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Capacity: 0,5 dm3 and 1,0 dm3

Paraffin oil “no mosquitos”

Paraffin oil with an addition of aromatic oils and of insect repellent properties. Used for torches, lamps and candles. Guarantees peace of mind during summer evenings. 

Capacity: 0,5 dm3 and  1,0 dm3

White kindling fuel

The product is intended to light the fire in the fireplace and stove. The product is manufactured using high quality components to ensure high performance, efficiency and usage safety. Elegant and easy-to-use cardboard packaging effectively prevents the kindling fuel against negative weather conditions.

Unit of measure: 1 sheet

Eco kindling fuel

Ecological kindling fuel is a completely safe product initiating ignition, made of wooden panels soaked with high quality paraffin.

Unit of measure: 1 sheet

Grill and fireplace cleaning liquid

This Fluid was designed to remove heavy dirt from barbecues and fireplaces. Well suited for removing grease and heavy dirt from
fireplace glass.

Capacity: 0,5 dm3