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Methylated spirit

It is still the most popular agent for cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting. It is produced on the basis of ethyl alcohol, contaminated, in the coloured or colourless form. Most often sold in a lightweight plastic bottle.

Capacity: 0,2 dm3 , 0,5 dm3 and 5,0 dm3

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners with atomizer for all those, who appreciate long-lasting and pleasant smells. The subtle smell composition neutralises and absorbs any unwanted smells. Fills the interior with long-lasting aromatic

Capacity: 0,5 dm3

Liquid for glass

Liquid for cleaning and polishing mirrors, windows, ceramic tiles and otherglass surfaces. Thanks to the highly concentrated ingredients, the product removes even the most persistent and dried dirt, dust and greasy stains.

Capacity: 0,5 dm3 

Aroma water for irons

Gives aromatic smell to ironed clothes and additionally acts as a gentle descaler, or rather liquid protecting against formation of scale in iron. The main ingredient is distilled water. The aroma water may be used for all irons equipped with a water container.

Capacity: 1,0 dm3 

Dishwashing liquid

Great dishwashing liquid of delicate scents. Foams well and is highly efficient. Phenix dishwashing liquid effectively removes grease and dirt from all dishes and cutlery. The product is also suitable for wiping and cleaning kitchen worktops. It also helps remove greasy stains from fabrics.

Capacity: 1,0 dm3  and 5,0 dm3

Fabric conditioner

Efficient liquid recommended for washing all kinds of fabrics. Fabrics become soft and fluffy as well as have fresh and long-lasting scent. The product is environmentally friendly.

Capacity: 2,0 dm3 

płyn uniwersalny nowy

Universal cleaning liquid for surfaces

Effective and highly efficient cleaning liquid of any kind of surface. Thanks to modern formula removes most of stains and dirt.

Capacity: 1,0 dm3

Grill and fireplace cleaning liquid

This Fluid was designed to remove heavy dirt from barbecues and fireplaces. Well suited for removing grease and heavy dirt from
fireplace glass.

Capacity: 0,5 dm3